Faculty Development

May 29, 2017 Faculty Development

ICE advocates faculty development to ensure consistency of students’ learning experience based on the university’s learning model and to meet the changing needs of health care services.

Over 70 faculty development programmes are conducted annually, facilitated by both IMU professors and visiting professors mainly from IMU’s partner schools covering a wide range of topics. The Ron Harden Visiting Professorship in Medical Education programme enables world leaders in health professions education to share their expertise and apply it in the regional context. In addition, experts from our partner universities as well as experts from within IMU regularly facilitate hands-on workshops in all aspects of teaching and learning in the university.

ICE’s faculty development activities is categorised as follow:

  • Educating 21st Century Health Professions educators which is the fundamentals in teaching and learning catering to the needs of mainly new academics
  • Teaching and learning strategies which includes Problem Based Learning, Clinical Education,  Experiential Learning
  • Assessment and feedback which includes Assessment Blueprint,  Constructing One Best Answers Questions, Standard Setting and Objective Structured Clinical  Examination
  • Research methodology in health professions education
  • Curriculum development and review
  • Professional development
  • Technology enhanced learning

Postgraduate programmes include the Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and the Master in Health Professions Education