Student’s Experience

February 27, 2019 Student’s Experience

Teaching & Learning Activities- International Visiting Lecturer

Prof Ray Peterson is the Associate Professor Education and Innovation, University of Adelaide since 2011.

Prof  Peterson has a BSc(Hons) and DipEd from Flinders University, and PG DipScEd, MAppSc and PhD from Curtin University.  He was the Director of the MBBS Programme and Head of the Discipline of Medical Education at the University of Queensland. As Director of the MBBS Programme, he has overall operational responsibility and quality assurance for the delivery of all four years of the Graduate Medical Programme. Part of his responsibility is to provide ongoing educational review and improvements in the design, delivery and assessment of the programme.  He was also Chair of the MBBS Curriculum Committee and Head of Assessment. He is a Director of the IDEAL Honk Kong Consortium for sharing medical school assessment. 

As Head of Discipline of Medical Education, Prof Peterson is responsible for the scholarship of teaching, learning and assessment, and projects, which lead to better quality outcomes in program delivery.  He has broad-ranging interests in teaching and learning and is supervising Ph.D. students in medical, dental, health and physiotherapy education.

Since 2008, Prof Peterson has been a regular visitor to IMU to work on collaborative projects in research, teaching and program development. 

Teaching & Learning Activities

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Professions Education (1/18)

    • Module 2 - Theories and Methods in Teaching and Learning in Health Professions Education
      • Application of Theory to Practice – Critical Review of the Article (Seminar)

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Professions Education (1/17)

    • Module 6: Laying the Foundation of research
      • Data Collection Tools in Qualitative research
      • Interpreting Qualitative Data
      • Ethics in Educational Research


Ian Wilson graduated in medicine from the University of Adelaide and then became a general practitioner. He has practised in the armed services, inner city, rural and suburban practice. During this time Ian became very interested in medical education and spent time with The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) training programs, initially as a medical educator and then as State Director for South Au. While Ian’s research initially focussed on primary care mental health, his more recent research has focussed on medical education.

His current research interests are student selection and student development. He has had three Australian Research Council (ARC) research grants and a number of other competitive research grants. Ian’s educational interests are in curriculum development, quality assessment and small group teaching.


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Health Professions Education (1/18)
    • Module 4: Work Based Learning in Health Professions Education
      • How to convert teaching opportunities to learning opportunities in the workplace
      • How to be a gatekeeper to student's progression; linking outcomes to assessment
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Professions Education (1/18)
    • Module 8b: Leadership and Professionalism in Health Professions Education
      • Understanding System of Education: What to Expect of or for Organization

Prof Richard Hays was a rural procedural general practitioner in northern Australia before becoming a teacher and education researcher, with a career focus on developing new or change managing established programs and institutional structures in regional and rural communities.  In addition to medical and clinical qualifications, he has a PhD in educational psychology and a higher MD in medical education.  This combination of qualifications has helped him to lead the development or transformation of four medical programs in Australia and the United Kingdom, and to act as a consultant to other developments in Europe, South-East Asia, the Western Pacific region and Canada.  He has contributed to international medical education quality assurance and accreditation processes, through the Australian Medical Council, the General Medical Council, the World Federation of Medical Education and regulators in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China..  Along the way he has been awarded about AUD 3 million in competitive research and development grants and has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers, 50 other journal articles, 17 book chapters and 9 books, primarily on assessment, curriculum design and educational quality assurance, all with a strong rural flavour.  He is the founding editor of the new on-line medical education journal MedEdPublish, a post-publication peer review journal published by the Association for Medical Education in Europe.  He is also a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Association of Medical Education Europe, the Australian and New Zealand Association of Health Professional Education, and the Association of Medical Educators.

Teaching & Learning Activities

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Professions Education

Module 8b: Management and Leadership in HPE

Leadership and Management



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What our student's say

“I am passionate about learning and understanding how students learn. This passion was further fuelled by IMU’s vision of becoming the best healthcare educator in Asia. IMU provided me with plenty of learning opportunities which I grabbed to update myself on newer learning methods and techniques. Each opportunity has led to another chance until I enrolled in Postgraduate Certificate of Health Professions Education course. This was a very comprehensive course. This course has been designed for the working teacher who could use the experiences and opportunities available to learn. All assignments were constructed so they can relate to the on-the-job experiences. The knowledge and skills gained from this course groomed me with a new set of competencies and had landed me the most important role; a programme director for Bachelor of Dental Surgery in the School of Dentistry. I am now thrilled as I can apply both knowledge and skills learned from the course and my previous experiences as an educator to conduct the programme effectively. I am now looking forward to enrol in Postgraduate Diploma level to learn more about health professions education.

Dr Pulikkotil Shaju Jacob, PGCHPE Graduate, Programme Director Bachelor of Dental Surgery

The PGHPE programme has added meaning to my career as an educator. Having taught pre-university programmes for many years, I am now able to apply what I learnt in PGHPE in my classroom. Being a Senior Lecturer in the Foundation in Science programme in IMU which aims to prepare students for their tertiary education in medical, pharmacy and health sciences programmes, the Health Professions Education has enabled me to teach in a more focused manner in preparing my students for their tertiary studies in health sciences. From the preparation of the curriculum to the teaching and learning activities to assessments, the PGHPE has prepared me well

Ms Sharon Chan Min Hui, MHPE Student

The PGHPE programme has helped me to be a better teacher. After completing the PGDHPE, I am able to comprehend the theories behind teaching and learning, that can be translated into better practice of education. In addition, it has also given me confidence in conducting educational related research which is different from pure science studies

Dr Kok Yih Yih, PGDHPE Graduate