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Safe and Effective Dental Assisting
Safe and Effective Dental Assisting

Safe and effective dental assisting is important to ensure successful dental practice. This course offers...

READ MORE Target audience : Dental Nurses, Dental Surgery Assistant


Phlebotomy Training Workshop

Patients coming for venipuncture for lab tests and intravenous cannulation are sometimes an ongoing challenge...

READ MORE Target audience : Laboratory Technicians, Medical Interns, Medical Students, Radiology technician, Research Assistant, Staff nurses


Replicating Nature in Ceramics

Natural shade matching is one of the most challenging aspect of ceramic restoration. There is...

READ MORE Target audience : Ministry of Health Technicians, Ministry of Health Technicians Dental Academic Staff - Technicians, Private Dental Technicians


9th National Paediatric Research Conference
9th National Paediatric Research Conference

A national bioethics symposium co-organised by the Paediatric Department, International Medical University and College of...

READ MORE Target audience : Academicians, Clinicians, ethics committee members, family medicine staff, Healthcare administrators, Medical Students, Paediatric Registrars, Paediatricians, Public health workers, Researchers, Scientists

03/03/2017 - 04/03/2017