Pangsapuri Balakong Jaya, Selangor


Pangsapuri Balakong Jaya is a low cost housing estate, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There are 660 low cost flats and the population consists of a 60-70% Indian population. Identified as socio-economically deprived by local councillor.
The activities that have been conducted by the project team so far are:

  1. The dental team from cohort DT 1/13 has made 2 visits so far in 2015.
  2. The dental team from cohort DT 1/13 has provided dental treatment in Oral Health Centre for 16 participants.
  3. Students from cohort DT 1/14 visited Balakong once prior to this visit to discuss with the management office of Balakong about our future plans for the Balakong community. This visit was also used to take photos of the location and to have a better understanding of the health needs of the community.
  4. Students from cohort DT 1/14 provided a free health and oral screening in Balakong on the 8 October 2016.


Balakong Oral Health

  • To instill the importance of good oral health in the socio-economically deprived community
  • To improve oral health status through preventive and emergency dental treatment
  • To screen smokers and betel nut chewers for oral pre-cancer lesions

Target Audience

  • Underprivileged families in the community of Balakong

Balakong Oral Health


IMU Cares Integration with MPU (U4) Module

Many student groups have been conducting community service projects at existing IMU Cares Community Partners as part of their MPU (U4) project. Find below the list of activities that students can undertake as part of their MPU (U4) project. Each student group may select one of the following:

Balakong Group

  1. To assist dental students in ushering patients from different stations and to ensure smooth flow of activities.
  2. To help register participants by filling up IMU cares form.
  3. To assist in setting up and cleaning of Balai Raya during event day.
  4. To help in getting more participants by giving out fliers and going door to door to invite people over.
  5. To carry out simple health screening such as blood pressure monitoring and glucose check.


Project Details

If you are interested to know more or have any enquiries on this project, kindly drop an email to the project leader below.

Key Project: Oral Wellness and Awareness in the Balakong Community
Project Leader: Dr Aeman Elkezza
Community Partner: Management office of Pangsapuri Seri Pulai, Balakong
External Partner: Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd

Serving the community is a manifestation of the University's core values but also as part of experiential learning, generally, a very effective form of learning - Walking the Talk.