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Rumah Charis Home for the Aged

Rumah Charis (Elderly Home) is a welfare organisation whereby they provide shelter, support and medical care to destitute old folks and it is a non-profit Christian based organisation. Through the establishment of a senior’s home, the organisation hope that the destitute and homeless can now have a place they can call their home where they are also able to enjoy better quality of life. IMU has been starting the healthcare project with them since 2014. The project is to identify the need of the old folks and subsequently we can help them at the right direction. We have been conducting more than 10 visits to the Rumah Charis for two years. There are many activities had been carried out such as healthcare activities as well as empowerment events.

Year started: 2005
Project leader: Dr Liew Yun Khoon
Activities done: Health screening, diabetic awareness activities, dental screening and oral care education

Rumah Orang Tua Kampung Baru Sikamat

Year started: 2013
Project leader: Dr Puneet Agarwal
Activities done: Health screening, eye examination

Rumah Sejahtera Jimah Lukut

Year started: 2013
Project leader: Dr Puneet Agarwal
Activities done: General health screening (BP etc), blood glucose measurement, eye/ENT checkup, breast examination to detect breast lumps and prostrate examination

Rumah Sejahtera Seri Setia

Year started: 2013
Project leader: Dr Jithendra Panneerselvam
Activities done: Health screening, diabetic awareness activities

Rumah Victory Elderly Home

In year 2013 we have successfully completed 3 visits, This proposed visit will focus on diabetes intervention to fulfill the need of old folks. Diabetes intervention conducted last year report (diabetes intervention) identified that out of 50 participants 10 old folks were suffered from Type 2 Diabetes and 6 were at risk of diabetes. Since the cardiovascular events are common with diabetes, we have expanded this visit to check cholesterol as well. In 24thJanuary 2015, a community service program at the Rumah Victory Elderly Home had been organized. Health screening session for the residents of the home was conducted to provide a comprehensive outlook of their current state of health. The health screening session includes body mass index (BMI) measurement, blood pressure (BP) measurement, fasting blood glucose (FBS) measurement, eyesight checking, oral hygiene checking and health consultation from general practitioner. For this upcoming IMU Cares visit, we aim to perform a follow-up on their health status and devise the appropriate action plans based on the outcomes of the assessment of their health conditions.

Year started: 2013
Project leader: Dr Ramu Meesala
Activities done: Health screening, diabetic awareness activities, training of caregivers

Serving the community is a manifestation of the University's core values but also as part of experiential learning, generally, a very effective form of learning - Walking the Talk.