Care of the Elderly


The Train the Caregivers committee worked together with Nursing Division and registered nurses from other departments to conduct a training workshop for proper care of the elderly. The following skills were highlighted:

Through this, we have trained 24 caregivers from 4 different elderly homes and IMU faculty/family. The trained caregivers share the skills they learned to their other fellow caregivers to ensure that the elderly folks receive better care in their respective homes. Educational videos were created to reach out to a wider audience. These videos were shared with our community partners for the caregivers to use as learning platforms. Regular visits to the homes were made after the workshop to assess the skills of the caregivers, while ensuring that optimal care is delivered.

Community partners that have benefitted from this programme so far:


Care of the Elderly Team

  • To provide basic knowledge and skills on the activities of daily living (ADL) for elderly care.
  • To impart appropriate skills of the activities of daily living to caregivers.
  • To develop public awareness on the importance of the activities of daily living for proper elderly care.

Target Audience

  • Old folks homes
  • Mixed welfare homes
  • Homes for the physically disabled

Care of the Elderly Ti-Ratana


IMU Cares Integration with MPU (U4) Module

Many student groups have been conducting community service projects at existing IMU Cares Community Partners as part of their MPU (U4) project. Find below the list of activities that students can undertake as part of their MPU (U4) project. Each student group may select one of the following

Care of the Elderly

  1. Learn the basic skills of ADLs for elderly and how to evaluate caregivers.
  2. Visit selected homes for the elderly with the aim to evaluate the caregivers on the skills that were taught through the video.
  3. Assist the Train the Caregivers committee member to improve the skills of caregivers, where necessary.
  4. Analyse the results of how well the caregivers have mastered the skills.

Project Details

If you are interested to know more or have any enquiries on this project, kindly drop an email to the project leaders below.

Key Project: Care of the Elderly
Project Leader: Chang Woan Ching

Serving the community is a manifestation of the University's core values but also as part of experiential learning, generally, a very effective form of learning - Walking the Talk.