Recycling of hotel toiletries


Every month, there are hundreds of half-used toiletries (shampoo, body lotions, etc.) that are discarded by hotels to waste. These toiletries could have been reused and recycled appropriately by underprivileged people, who can hardly afford any toiletries for personal hygiene. Working together with Westin Hotel, KL, our team aims to promote personal hygiene among the urban poor community facilitated with the reuse and recycle of the half-used toiletries. This will also, in addition, help instil a sense of responsibility to protect our environment through proper disposal of reused products.

Our current target community is the Caring Community Centre in Kapar, Klang, which serves almost 60 urban poor families. These families are dependent on help provided by volunteer organisations to sustain their quality of life. A crucial area that can improve their wellbeing is to promote personal hygiene, by not only educating them, but also providing the access to necessary toiletries. This ensures that the half-used toiletries are reused for the betterment of the underprivileged community, as opposed to wastage.

This initiative will be advised by an expert in cosmetic industry, Mr Chen, to provide technical advice on matters related to toiletry manufacturing and reuse. Sanitary approaches to reusing these toiletries are addressed by our experts in Pharmaceutical Chemistry with the use of simple methods that can be easily applied by the community. The progress of this initiative will be monitored regularly for outcome assessment, and subsequently our team will explore opportunities to expand this project in a larger scale.


Recycling toiletries

  • To instil a sense of responsibility to protect our environment through recycling toiletries
  • To promote awareness and understanding of personal hygiene

Target Audience

  • Underprivileged urban-poor communities


IMU Cares Integration with MPU (U4) Module

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Project Details

If you are interested to know more or have any enquiries on this project, kindly drop an email to the project leader below.

Project Leader: Assoc Prof Ooi Ing Hong

Serving the community is a manifestation of the University's core values but also as part of experiential learning, generally, a very effective form of learning - Walking the Talk.