About IRDI

June 2, 2017 About IRDI

Research is perceived as part of the academic and scholarly activities of IMU, which are integral components of its core values. There has been much progress since IMU started its research ten years ago, as indicated by the increased number of publications, postgraduate students and external grants received. The total number of publications from IMU has increased from 123 in 2008 to 212 in 2011, with the increase of total impact factor from 80 to 274.03. The amount of external funds secured has increased from RM62,280 in 2008 to RM1,639,037 in 2011. Our funding sources are mainly from the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

Substantial amount of funding also comes from the industry (e.g. food companies) and research foundations which include Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh Grant, MAKNA Research Grant and Toray Science Foundation Grant. There is also generous support of internal funding amounting to RM 1.5 million per year to support research, with an additional RM1.5 million per year for equipment and infrastructure. IMU has  produced a total of 9 PhD and 24 MSc graduates since 2004. Four major thrust areas of research have been identified: environmental and population health, bioactive molecules and drug discovery, cancer and stem cell research, and health professional education research. In tandem with the development in research activities, we aim to engage with industrial partners in relevant areas to strengthen our research programme and to look into the potential of providing consultancies, specialised testing services, and joint research. The establishment of the Institute of Research, Development and Innovation (IRDI) will ensure sustainability in research and bring it to a higher level by realigning our research direction.