Our Team

    Stephen Periathamby, Ambu

    PhD, MSc, BSc
    Head, Centre for Environmental and Population Health

    Parasitology, Environmental Health, Small mammal ecology and Poisonous animals (snakes)

    Chun Wie, Chong

    PhD, BSc
    Head, Centre for Translational Research

    Environmental Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Human and animal microbiome, Infectious Diseases

    Chee Onn, Leong

    PhD, BSc
    Deputy Director, IRDI

    Cancer Biology, Drug Discovery and Development, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Signal Transduction, Epigenetics

    Patricia Kim Chooi, Lim

    Deputy Director (Commercialisation & Support)

    Tropical Medicine, Parasitology, Disease biomarkers, Proteomics, Molecular Biology, Infectious Diseases

    Chun Wai, Mai

    PhD, BPharm(Hons)
    Head, Centre for Cancer and Stem Cell Research

    Drug Discovery, Cancer, Inflammation and Immunology, Pharmaceutical Education