Mari Kannan, Maharajan

    PhD Pharmacy (Sastra) , M.Pharm. Pharmacy Practice (Annamalai) , B.Pharm (TNMMU)

    Myocardial Infarction, Bioactive Molecules, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacy Education

    May Lee, Low

    Dual PhD Synthesis (UPM & Marie Curie) , BSc Chemistry (UPM)

    Metal-based compounds for therapeutic, bioimaging, biosensing and catalysis applications, Smart, stimuli-responsive / bioinspired materials, Molecular self-assembly, Nanomedicine

    Mayuren, Candasamy

    PhD Pharmacology (VMU) , M.Pharm Pharmacology (TNMMU) , B.Pharm (TNMMU)

    Diabetes, oxidative stress and insulin signaling, Cardiovascular pharmacology, calcium handling proteins and cardiac hypertrophy, Bioactive molecules drug research, Pharmacokinetic studies, Drug interactions

    Muneer Gohar, Babar

    MPH, D.H.P & M, MDSc, BDS

    Dental Public Health, Flouride Releasing Restorative Materials, Health Professions Education

    Murugesh, Kandasamy

    PhD Pharmacy (Jadavpur) , M.Pharm. Pharm. Chem. (TNMMU) , B.Pharm. Sci. (TNMMU)

    Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, Drug discovery – DMPK, Allometry scaling – Human clearance and volume of distribution, Pharmaceutical Analysis

    Nilesh, Kumar Mitra

    MBBS, Masters, M.Ed

    Neurohistological and biochemical changes in Neuro-degenerative disorders, Evaluation of effect on stem cells in animal model of multiple sclerosis, Evaluation of effect of online T/L activities and assessment on performance

    Nur Alia, Johari

    MPH, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

    Neglected Tropical Diseases, Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Public Health and Policy

    Palanisamy, Sivanandy

    PhD Pharm. Sci. (TNMMU), M.Pharm Pharmacy Practice (TNMMU), B.Pharm (TNMMU)

    Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacoeconomics, Drug utilization in metabolic disorders, Prescription auditing, Patient compliance or Medication adherence, Cancer chemotherapy, Patient Safety

    Po Ling (Polly), Chen

    Neuropsychology, Aging and Cognition, Non-invasive brain stimulation, Compensatory mechanism in ageing brains