August 7, 2017 Abhishek, Parolia

Designation/Title: Senior Lecturer II
Department: Division of Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry
Tel: +603 8656 7228
E-mail :

Education and Training

MDS Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Manipal University 2006
BDS Manipal University 2003


Research interests:

  • Endodontics
  • Cariology
  • Natural Products and Endodontic Microbiology

Research Projects/Grants

International (as Principal Investigator)

    • Intracanal placement of calcium hydroxide: A comparison of specially designed paste carrier technique with other techniques- BDSI01/2009 (02) 2012- IMU 3000 RM. (Principal Investigator)
    • Invitro study on the effectiveness of six intracanal medicaments against E faecalis infected human root canal dentinal tubules at different depths- by using culture method, polymerase chain reaction and scanning electron microscope- IMU 252/2012- IMU 20000 RM. (Principal Investigator)
    • Wound Healing effect of Malaysian propolis and Brazilian red propolis on the connective tissue fibroblast cell lines and its genomic profiling in the healing process- BMS I-02/2012 (04)- IMU 20000 RM. (Principal Investigator)
    • Development of novel chitosan-flavonoids nanoformulations against Enterococcus faecalis in the root canal using extracted human tooth model: Exploratory Research Grant Scheme - RM 221,000.00- 2013. (Co-Investigator) (ERGS/1/2011/SKK01/IMU/03/1) (JPT.S(BPKI)2000/09/01/018JID.6(27))
    • Effectiveness of Propolis, Novamin (Amorphous Sodium Calcium Phosphosilicate) and Arginine -Calcium Carbonate in dentinal tubules occlusion: In vitro study 4.12/JCM-69/2013 (BDentistry and surgical project) - 3400 RM (Principal Investigator).
    • A Comparative evaluation of the oral bacterial infection among healthy and autistic children – IMU/ B Pharm 6000 RM. (Co-Investigator)
    • Patient satisfaction and its association with the quality of root canal therapy and the dental undergraduate’s Emotional intelligence. – IMU/BDS 3000 RM. (Co-Investigator)

Supervision of Postgraduates (MSc/PhD)
(Last 5 years – 2002-2017)

  • Project: Investigation for the Organ Specific Toxicity from the Therapeutic Use of Coptis Chinesis

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of International Association of Dental Research
  • Member of Federation of Operative Dentistry of India
  • Member of Malaysian Dental Association

Academic Awards

  • 2002- First rank in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
  • 2002- Gold Medal in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics from Manipal University
  • 2009-2010- Awarded a performance grade of A++ from Manipal University
  • 2010- Research Incentive Award from Manipal University
  • 2011- Research Incentive Award from Manipal University
  • 2011- Marquis Award (USA)
  • 2011- Significant contribution as a newcomer from International Medical University
  • 2014- Invaluable contribution in leading ICDAS initiative from International Medical University

Recent Publications 
(last 5 years – 2012 -2017)


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  • Mohan M, Sharma H, Parolia A, Barua A. Knowledge, Attitude and Perceived Confidence in Handling Medical Emergencies among Dental Practitioners in Dakshina Kannada, India. Oral Health Dent Manag 2015; 14(1):27-31.
  • Bhatia S, Kohli S, Parolia A, Lim NYH, Tung LC, Hean TE. Prevalence of radix molar in mandibular permanent molars: an observational study in Malaysian population. Oral Health Dent manag. Oral Health Dent Manag 2015; 14(1):32-36.