August 28, 2017 Kok Whye, Cheong

Designation/Title : Dr.
Department: Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Tel: 03-2731 7607 

Education and Training

PhD Universiti Putra Malaysia 2012
MSc  Universiti Putra Malaysia 2007
BSc (Hons) Universiti Putra Malaysia 2004


Research interests:

  • Peptide-based cancer therapeutics
  • Nanodelivery systems for drugs
  • Structural studies of protein molecules

Research projects/grants:
(Listing of latest 15 projects)

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Supervision of Postgraduates (MSc/PhD) 
(Last 5 years – 2012-2017)

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Professional affiliations:

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Academic Awards:

  • 7th MIFT Food Science and Technology Seminar 2011 (Bronze-poster presentation)
  • UPM Invention, Research and Innovation Exhibition 2010 (Gold-poster presentation)
  • UPM Invention, Research and Innovation Exhibition 2006 (Bronze-poster presentation)

Recent publications 
(Last 5 years – 2012-2017)


  • Cheong, K.W., Mirhosseini, H., Amid, B.T and Tan, C.P. 2017. The influence of main emulsion components on the physicochemical properties of soursop beverage emulsions: A mixture design approach. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology.
  • Mirhosseini, H., Rashid, N.F.A., Amid, B.T., Cheong, K.W., Kazemi, M. and Zulkurnain, M. 2015. Effect of partial replacement of corn flour with durian seed flour and pumpkin flour on cooking yield, texture properties, and sensory attributes of gluten free pasta. LWT-Food Science and Technology 63: 184-190.
  • Cheong, K.W., Mirhosseini, H., Leong, W.F., Hamid, N., Osman, A., Basri, M. and Tan, C.P. 2015. Rheological properties of modified starch-whey protein isolate stabilized soursop beverage emulsion. Food and Bioprocess Technology 8: 1281-1294.
  • Yee, M.S.L., Khiew, P.S., Tan, Y.F., Kok, Y.Y., Cheong, K.W., Chiu, W.S. and Leong, C.O. 2014. Potent antifouling silver-polymer nanocomposite microspheres using ion-exchange resin as templating matrix. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 457: 382-391.
  • Cheong, K.W., Mirhosseini, H., Hamid, N., Osman, A., Basri, M. and Tan, C.P. 2014. Effects of propylene glycol alginate and sucrose esters on the physicochemical properties of modified starch-stabilized beverage emulsions. Molecules 19: 8691-8706.
  • Cheong, K.W., Tan, C.P., Mirhosseini, H., Joanne-Kam, W.Y., Hamid, N.S.A., Osman, A. and Basri, M. 2014. The effect of prime emulsion components as a function of equilibrium headspace concentration of soursop flavour compounds. Chemistry Central Journal 8: 23.
  • Mirhosseini, H., Amid, B.T. and Cheong, K.W. 2013. Effect of different drying methods on chemical and molecular structure of heteropolysaccharide-protein gum from durian seed. Food Hydrocolloids 31: 210-219.
  • Leow, A.T.C., Rahman, R.N.Z.R.A., Cheong, K.W., Tejo, B.A., Salleh, A.B. and Basri, M. 2013 Chemical modification of lipases. In: Molecular and Structural Biology of New Lipases and Proteases. Nova Science Publishers, New York, pp. 107-132. ISBN 9781626186453.