Applying for Student Mobility Programme at IMU

As an international students from overseas universities or partner institutions, if you wish to visit IMU to observe or to undertake any form of academic activities, you must apply through your home institution to the IMU Academic Service Department.

The duration of participating in the mobility programme can be for any period, depending on learning objectives and goals. You may visit IMU for study tours, observation, electives, research, clinical, community or any other practical attachments in any of the programmes offered by IMU which can be accessed through our website:

Application is open all year round. However, the suitable period for placements will depend on the type of activities you will be undertaking and discussion with the programme coordinators in charge at IMU.

Language Requirements

IMU is an English speaking campus and you should have the appropriate proficiency in English.

Study Costs

Incoming students will be charged processing fee for administrative, visa and insurance purposes.  There is a caution and personal bond deposit, which is refundable upon completion of the mobility programme. Caution fees are not applicable for students participating in study tours or observation only. In addition, programme fees will be chargeable depending on the type of mobility programme you embark on. Programme fees are waived if you are a student from our partner universities or there is a formal agreement for fees waiver between IMU and your home institution. We will provide you the full fees structure upon receipt of your application form.

The process of admission, enrolment and orientation for incoming exchange students will be managed by the Academic Services and Student Services offices at IMU.


If you are undertaking a clinical placement, you must comply with the insurance requirements of Malaysia, particularly in relation to medical malpractice or, if the activity involves research, obtain confirmation of cover for the Research Project or Fieldwork.

You may complete the Incoming Students Application Form and submit to our Academic Services Department.

You may also make an enquiry through this website and we will arrange for a suitable programme or activity to facilitate your desire to study in IMU.

Should you have further questions, you can submit an enquiry to us.