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The following mobility programmes are offered to students.

Students may undertake part of their internship (with appropriate learning outcomes) as short-term training abroad to provide them with an international perspective to their programme of study. The short-term internships may include any of the following

  • Industrial or work experience
  • Clinical training
  • Community projects

Students may choose to conduct research projects in external research institutions, universities, industries or communities through mutual agreement between supervisors, or to participate in research collaborations. This will provide students with an international exposure to research.

Elective modules
Students are free to set the objectives they would like to achieve from an elective module. The non medical objectives can be communication skills, leadership skills, and so on. Students may also decide to go on hospital attachments or humanitarian work to polish their skills. The aim is to add value to students’ learning.

Study visits
A study visit is a short stay for some days or even weeks in host country. Study visits may include visits to training facilities, ministries, hospitals, community facilities or homes supported by the home institution. The aim is to provide the students with a broader perspective to their learning outcomes.

Summer Programme
IMU International Summer Programmes offer an intensive one- to six-week learning experience and the opportunity to live in some of IMU’s & Malaysia’s most beautiful. IMU programmes have been welcoming participants from all corners of the globe.

Many students choose to take part in special summer learning programmes to

  • Explore student interests
  • Develop new skills
  • Get hands-on experience that a classroom doesn’t offer
  • Meet other students with similar interests



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