You should discuss with your Programme Coordinator or lecturers to find out if there are any opportunities within your programme for student mobility. You may also take the initiative to propose mobility plans for electives, practical/industrial attachments, community service, research or study tours to your lecturers. The duration of participating in the mobility programme can be from 2 weeks to 3 months or longer, depending on learning objectives and goals.

Kindly ensure there is prior communication between you or your lecturer with the international partner. You will need to identify the learning objectives, duration of mobility, costs and finalise arrangements for your travel and accommodation. You may liaise with the Student Services Department to ensure visa requirements and other travel documents are completed.

Students who are travelling abroad to undertake a clinical placement must be aware of the insurance requirements of the host institution, particularly in relation to medical malpractice. In such cases there must be a signed agreement with the host institution, or, if the activity involves research, confirmation of cover for the research project or fieldwork.

You must submit your application at least 3 months prior to the mobility activities take place.

Once all the above details are finalised, you may put in an official application to embark on the mobility programme by filling in the Outgoing Student Form.

Financial Support

If you require partial financial support from IMU, you may make an application by filling Section C of the Outgoing Student Form.  Financial support is only applicable for students going overseas for mobility programmes. Financial support will only partially cover accommodation and travel expenses.

To be eligible to apply for the partial financial support, a student MUST:

1.      Be enrolled in a full time programme in IMU.

2.      Have completed at least one year of study (2 semesters) at the time of application.

3.      Have demonstrated a satisfactory academic performance (for example a CGPA of 3.0 and above).

4.      Have a record of exemplary behaviour and soft skills as attested by Mentor.

5.      Participating in activities or programmes which are of at least 2 weeks in duration.

6.      Visa requirements and travel documents are in order and meets host country's requirements.

7.      Official agreement obtained from external institution to accept student for the programme or activity.

8.      Demonstrated initiative to secure funding elsewhere through scholarships, travel grants, etc.

Interested student may complete the Outgoing Students Application Form  and submit to our Academic Services Department. The decision to approve or reject the application for financial assistance will be made after due consideration of reports by the relevant Programme Coordinator and the student’s mentor.

Students who undertake a second student exchange programme and have previously received a grant will not generally be considered. You may also make an enquiry through this website and we will arrange for a suitable programme or activity to facilitate your desire to study overseas.

Should you have further questions, you can submit an enquiry to us.

Students must submit their applications at least 3 months prior to the mobility activities take place.