You may undertake part of your internship (with appropriate learning outcomes) as short-term training abroad to provide them with an international perspective to your programme of study.

The short-term internships may include any of the following:

  • Industrial or work experience;
  • Clinical training;
  • Community projects.


You may choose to conduct research projects in external research institutions, universities, industries or communities through mutual agreement between supervisors, or to participate in research collaborations. This will provide you with an international exposure to research.

Elective Modules

You may explore opportunities to fulfil the elective modules overseas. Kindly discuss with your programme coordinator regarding this.

Study Visits

Study visits may be organised by staff or students. These may include visits to training facilities, to provide you with a broader perspective to your learning outcomes.

Formal Student Exchange Programme

You may be sent or accepted for a designated period of study (year or semester) as a formal academic arrangement with collaborating universities, either with, or without, relevant credit transfer.

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