Academic Council (AC) Meeting

The IMU Academic Council was established as a consultative body on the medical and dental programme of the IMU and make recommendations on admissions, curriculum, delivery, assessment and faculty appointments and development.

It consists of all the Deans of the Partner Medical Schools and Partner Dental Schools.

The remit of the Academic Council is:

AC will have one meeting a year and it is scheduled in March this year. The AC main session commences from the 15 – 17 March 2021, and the PDS meeting will be held concurrently on 15 March 2021.

AC will be held after the 14th International Medical Education Conference (IMEC) 2021. For those who are participating in the IMEC Conference, kindly visit the IMEC 2021 website for further details.

Since its inception, AC has dealt with the following issues

  • Updates: Events/happenings, follow-up issues, key appointments, changes in the organisation and structure in relation to IMU-AC.
  • AC: Membership, structure, format, partnerships, places on offer, PMS updates etc.
  • Students: Student-support, Mentor-mentee system, student participation in academic committees etc.
  • Faculty: Career structure, promotions, performance evaluation, CPD, faculty portfolios etc.
  • Research: Strategies, institutional links, research activities etc.
  • Admissions: Entry requirements, approval of new programmes, international student- intake, Admissions Committee membership & chairmanship.
  • Matching & Transfer: Appeals, special cases, immunisations regulations, visa implications, implications for non-Malaysian students, PMS & student feedback, postgraduate training etc.
  • Curriculum: Content, delivery, PBL, e-learning, clinical & communication skills, CSU, learning model, professionalism, IT support etc.
  • Assessment: Schemes, modalities, tools, exam regulations, resit/repeat issues etc.

Over the years, the IMU has been able to make remarkable progress in all areas of academic and administrative quality in the medical and dental programmes under the expert guidance and advice of the AC.