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Leading up to the Chariofare run and carnival, IMU Cares and IMU Chariofare 2022 Committee is organising several webinars, talks and debate session with the aim to raise awareness on three main causes champion by Chariofare this year. Events are open to the public. Everyone is welcome to participate.

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August 2022: Mental Health Wellness

The Chariofare webinar in August will bring audience to dive deep into mental health topic including the fundamental of mental health and taking care of mental health in university students’ perspective.

  1. Lunch Talk: “Breaking the Stigma: Let’s Talk About Mental health in Malaysia” in collaboration with Mind Matters Network (MMN)
  2. Lunch Talk: “Breaking Walls: How to Provide Support to Those Around Us” in collaboration with IMU Peer Support Club

September 2022: Women of Domestic Abuse and Violence

In September, the Chariofare webinar themed women of domestic abuse aim to discuss the prevalence of domestic abuse among women, increase community awareness and how we can build a safer community.

  1. Debate Session: IMU Debate Club vs Sunway Debate Club: Settlements for Sexual Harassment Crimes
  2. Lunch Talk: Women of Domestic Abuse

October 2022: Children with Special Needs

In October, Chariofare webinar will be focusing on children with special needs.

For enquiries, please email us at imuchariofare@imu.edu.my.