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E-Learning Session 6 : Video Based Content Design and Production

Date: 01-June- 2021 (Tuesday)
Time: 10.00am - 12.30pm
Venue: Microsoft Teams


  • Mr Nurman Effendy Mohd Asmuni
  • Mr Nazrul Aizat bin Musarudin


Workshop Objective:-

In this session, we will learn how to create video base content from pre-production to final output with available tools and equipment in order to successfully deliver one of the most powerful communication media to your audience. There will be a group activity to plan for video production and participants will use a template to plan it. The activity will be conducted during breakout session.


Participant are required to download the free version of Shortcut as a editing application prior the session. Please use the link below:


Workshop Learning Outcome:-

In this workshop, you will be able to understand and learn the following information: -

1.Differentiate three (3) different phases involved in making high-quality video presentation with any video production tool.

2.Identify key and limitation elements required before starting the recording.

3.Develop storyboard as guidance to develop high quality video production.

4.Explain on how to manage production equipment involved in video production.

5.Define what need to be done during post-production for video editing.