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E-Learning Session 3: Create a Branching Activity Using Lesson Tool in Moodle 

Date: 21 March 2023 (Tuesday)
Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Training Mode: Hybrid
Training Venue: ICE Training Centre (2.09), Level 2, Bukit Jalil Campus
Training Platform: Microsoft Teams



  1. Ms Zabibah Ibrahim
  2. Ms Aida Lina Alias



  • E-learning (EL)



  • Role 1: Information Provider and Guide
  • Role 3: Facilitator & Mentor


Workshop Overview:-

Lesson tools in LMS is appropriate for presenting material in a branching, guided manner and can incorporate adaptive learning.

Within the Lesson tool, you can construct simple sequences or complicated, multi-branched structures that customize learning to learners' specific needs. Lesson can be used effectively for formative assessment in the module course.

Branching activity is an interactive form of learning. It challenges the learner, requires them to make a decision, and then presents the consequences. Each consequence produces new challenges and more choices.


This is an intermediate level course. Participants must have obtained the eLearning Basic Licence.


Click here if you want to watch the promotional video of this workshop.



  • You are needed to go through the short course to gain the overview and steps on how to create the lesson in LMS and sample of branching scenarios.
  • You are required to attempt the pre knowledge quiz.


During Workshop:-

Facilitators will summarise the key points from the course and answer your questions. There will be hands-on session to create your own scenario with branching activity using Lesson in Moodle.



In the workspace provided, you are required to create your own interactive topic using Lesson tools in Moodle. You will receive a badge upon completing the activity.


Workshop Learning Outcomes:-

After this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Plan your interactive content with branching activity.
  • Create your own interactive content with branching activity using Lesson tool in Moodle.