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HPE Journal Club: Medicine and medical education in the age of artificial intelligence

Date : 30-July-2021 (Friday)
Time : 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Platform : Online via Ms Teams

Registration: Free Registration 

1. Associate Professor Dr.Pathiyil Ravi Shankar

Health Professions Education Journal Club session is back in 2021. This journal club will be a series of sessions for all community of health professions practitioners in IMU to reflect, share ideas and bring about positive change in the IMU learning environment.

These HPE Journal Club sessions will be guided by facilitator(s). Some reading materials and guided questions will be provided to all and these will guide the participants to reflect on issues that are relevant to our roles in IMU. The assigned reading materials are mainly used as perspectives or filters for our reflection, discussion and future actions, i.e. how can we make our own tasks or roles better.

The upcoming journal club session will focus on the artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence may revolutionize and radically transform both medical education and practice. The pace of developments in this field is ever accelerating. As medical educators we have a vital role in helping faculty and students prepare for practice in the age of artificial intelligence.

Workshop Aim:-

The aim of this session is to get medical educators to think about artificial intelligence (AI), its far-reaching effects on medical education and practice and how to better prepare students to practice in the era of AI.

Two assigned reading materials (PDF) for this session and the session guide (Words) are as attached. You can also use the given link to access to the third reading materials. You are encouraged to prepare written responses as you reflect on the assigned reading.

**All faculties are also welcome to offer articles and facilitate a journal club session