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Student Interview Workshop [23/1]

Date: 19 April 2023 (Wednesday)
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Training Platform: Zoom



  1. Mr Yap Chen Leong
  2. Ms Kogilla Rajamanikam



  • Mandatory Programmes (MP)



  • Role 2: Role Model as Teacher & Practitioner
  • Role 3: Facilitator & Mentor


Workshop Aim:-

This workshop will share the criteria for the interview scoring and also the various evaluation factors for scoring interviewees who are mainly applying for a place in Medicine and Dentistry.


Workshop Objectives:-

a) To standardize the Interview approach.
b) To examine a candidate's relative potential for effective performance.
c) To increase the reliability of the Interview process.
d) To practice reaching a consensus in scoring.


Workshop Learning Outcomes:-

After this workshop, the participants will be able to do:

a) Assessment applicants during the interview for their application to Medicine and Dentistry program.
b) Understand how the interview process works.