December 6, 2022 Dr Heethal Jaiprakash

Dr Heethal Jaiprakash

MBBS, MD(Pharmacology)
MMed(Dundee, UK)

Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, IMU
Medical Museum Coordinator

Areas of Expertise

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum planning and evaluation
  • Educational Research
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Ocular Pharmacology


Involvement in Conference/Symposium/Faculty Development Activities

  1. Facilitated a workshop for medical students on peer mentoring - July 2022
  2. Facilitated the workshop on PBL and CBL case writing-June 2022
  3. Invited speaker “21st-century educators: Are we prepared to teach 21st-century students?”- International Conclave on Interdisciplinary Graduate Education -March 2022
  4. Facilitated a workshop on flipped classroom at MAHSA University- October 2016
  5. Speaker for the topic titled “small group teaching”-MAHSA University -October 2016

Publications in Health Professions Education

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Conference presentations:

  1. Team-Based Learning (TBL) using technology for preclinical medical students in times of COVID-19: An experience of a Malaysian University- IMEC 2022
  2. Medical students’ perception and usage of social media: A qualitative study in a Malaysian medical school- AMEE 2022
  3. Microlearning packages as self-learning tools for Pharmacology teaching and learning: Knowledge gained and student’s perception in a Malaysian Medical University- MSPP conference 2022
  4. Active learning strategies in pharmacology teaching: Enhancing or diminishing interest-IMEC 2021
  5. Comparison between integrated and subject based seminar: knowledge gained and perception among medical students in a Malaysian university-AMEA 2019
  6. e-PBL: An innovation to promote active learning and decrease cognitive overload in medical students in their preclinical phase-IMEC 2018
  7. A study on the source of stress and their correlation with coping strategies among medical students in a Malaysian private Medical School- MAEMHS 2017
  8. Stress, anxiety, depression and their associated factors among health care students-APMEC 2016
  9. Problem based learning among medical students: Correlation between subjective score and objective score-IMEC 2015
  10. A study on the frequency of stress, anxiety and depression and their coping strategies among medical students in an upcoming Malaysian university-MSPP 2014
  11. Learning style preferences: a comparison between Indian and Malaysian students-AMEA 2011