March 2, 2022 Dr Sow Chew Fei

Dr Sow Chew Fei

Dr Sow Chew Fei

MBBS (MAHE), Diploma in Dermatology (Glasgow, UK), MMEd (Dundee)


Director of Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre

Associate Dean of Clinical & Experiential Learning

Areas of Expertise

Medical Education



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Involvement in Conference/Symposium/Faculty Development Activities

  • Facilitator of IMU faculty development workshop (Flipped Classroom, Peer Observation Teaching, Clinical Education, Setting Higher Order thinking, Assessment on Rubric Design, Aligning conceptualising PEO and PLO, OSCE examiner, Peer tutoring)
  • Facilitator for pre-conference workshop at IMEC 2016 on “Developing Cultural Cognizance in Clinical and Communication Skills for Undergraduate Students in Health Professions Education”
  • Facilitator for workshop for Faculty of Medicine, University Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak (UniKL RCMP) 2016 on “Bedside teaching and assessment of clinical competencies”
  • Oral presentation at 3rd APME-Net Reseach Meeting & The 48th AnnualMeeting of the Japan Society for medical Education (JSME), Osaka, Japan 2017 on “Embracing the ‘doctors-to-teach’ philosophy - A comparison of the effects of participation between the peer tutors and clinical skills instructors”
  • Poster presentation for IMEC 2017 on “Simulated Patient Training Program: An ingredient to enhance performance “
  • Scientific committee for IMEC 2018
  • Poster presentation at AMEE 2018 on “Comparing the ratings of Academic, Non-academic and Lay Person at Multiple Mini-Interview”
  • Speaker on symposium“Virtual Reality and Simulation” and oral presentation on “Evaluation of a Peer-Tutor Program in an undergraduate medical school” at Colombo Conference on Medical Education 2019
  • Scientific Committee 2020
  • Oral Presentation on “Examiner background as a factor in assessor variance” in AMEE 2020
  • Speaker at 5th International Conference on Health Profession Education (2021), Pakistan in the symposium on “Simulation-based Education: The new normal”
  • Scientific Committee Chair of IMEC 2022

Publications in Health Professions Education

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