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Art for Refuge

The Art for Refuge project is a community project that seeks to use the arts as a safe place to express innermost feelings, learn without inhibitions and share without limitations. The arts refers to all mediums of human expressions including story-telling, drama, music, visual art, crafts, dance, and others. Evidence suggests that the arts can stimulate curiosity about the world around us and connect with meaningful experiences. It can also nurture positive aspirations, raise self-esteem and promote critical thinking as well as help us to develop the resilience to manage the challenges we encounter in life.
Year Started: 2017
Project Leader: Dr Sheba DMani

Basic Computer Skills

Having a basic computer literacy level is important in current everyday life. Since 2015, this IMU Cares project has been training basic PowerPoint presentation skills to children from our community partners, such as Dignity for Children Foundation and Rumah Charis (Home for the Children). This has shown to empower them with essential presentation skills, at the same time improving their confidence.
Year Started: 2016
Project Leader: Aaratthi Mahanan

Basic Life Support Training for Caregivers

Those at the giving or receiving end of humanitarian missions should be empowered with basic life support (BLS) skills to save lives in emergency situations. The training sessions are conducted by IMU instructors who are certified trainers and have been regularly running BLS courses since 2013. The venue is at the Clinical Skills and Stimulation Centre, IMU Bukit Jalil Campus.
Year Started: 2015
Project Leader: Dr Khin Saw Yu

Care of the Elderly

The Train the Caregivers committee worked together with Nursing Division and registered nurses from other departments to conduct a training workshop for proper care of the elderly.
Year Started: 2016
Project Leader: Chang Woan Ching

Chemistry and Biology Practical Sessions for DFC

This project was started with the idea of providing a platform for underprivileged children to enhance their learning of basic sciences with the use of IMU laboratories. Organised by the Foundation in Science (FiS) faculty and students, the children from DFC would come to IMU and conduct basic chemistry and biology laboratory experiments. The experiments are devised by the IMU FiS after discussion with the teachers at DFC, to ensure that the experiments are aligned with the DFC syllabus.
Year Started: 2016
Project Leader: Parkash Mathivanan

Education Through Multimedia

Health education is one of IMU Cares’ key programme. It is important for IMU staff and students to deliver knowledge and skills effectively to the community. The traditional approach using face-to-face sessions or workshops, though effective, has its limitations of reach to a wider audience. The use of multimedia to complement the traditional approach will not only enable a wider reach but also result in more innovative methods of delivery. Currently, we are working together with Multimedia University and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Malaysia to develop health education modules that can be delivered through the use of multimedia.
Year Started: 2016
Project Leader:

Swimming for Less Privileged Children

The world is surrounded by sea and rivers, knowing how to properly swim become an essential skill for every individual. Majority of the children from welfare homes don’t get the privilege to learn how to swim. In order to overcome this limitation, IMU Cares collaborated with Swim-in12 swimming school to provide an opportunity for the less privileged children to take up swimming skills. In cooperation with the IMU Psychology department, a research study on water phobic among the beginners during swimming lesson will be conducted. The outcome of this study will benefit the community and IMU partner in improving future swimming lessons to overcome water phobia among beginners.
Year Started: 2017
Project Leader: Dr Tan Boon Keat

Setting Up Library System

The project started and officially run in 2016. The IMU Library Team has been very consistent in guiding and advising the Methodist Girls School, KL (MGSKL) Library team until Dec 2016  to closely monitor the development of the library system. An online communication platform has been set up since August 2017 for the MGSKL Library Team and all IMU Librarians to monitor the project progress.

Year Started: 2015
Project Leader: Pn Zuhanariah Mohd Nordin
Activities: Installed and maintained the KOHA Library systems, monitor the utilisation of installed system, monitor the data entry progress and resolved technical issues raised.

Eat Well, Live Well Together With Umami

This is a collaborative project with Ajinomoto Malaysia, to provide nutritional assessment and support to community partners involved.

Year Started: 2015
Project Leader: Dr Snigha Misra
Activities: Medical and nutritional screening, dietary counselling and referral to tertiary care for those in need of medical intervention.

Promoting Adolescent Health

In the rise of social issues afflicting our surrounding schools, such as teenage pregnancy, baby-dumping, substance-abuse and psychological concerns among teenagers, this project rise to the call for support in educating teenage students on these sensitive topics. The initiative is based on the assessment of knowledge, attitude & practice (KAP) of the school children on issues related to reproductive, mental health and substance abuse. In its campaign, health education stations are set up to emphasize on reproductive health, mental health, anti-smoking and substance abuse. Guided by IMU faculty, interactive stations with role play, demonstration and story sharing were conducted to engage the participating school-goers.

Year Started: 2015
Project Leader: Dr Stanley Chan Chun Wai
Activities: School visits with health education stations to educate on reproductive health, mental health, anti-smoking and substance abuse, via interactive stations with role play, demonstration and story sharing.

Fruit Stall Project with Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar

Fruit Stall Project in collaboration with Badan Kebajikan Psikiatri and Occupational Therapy, Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar Seremban, aims to empower patients with rehabilitation and recovery goals through their involvement in this entrepreneurial initiative. The fruit stall is set up within IMU Clinical Campus Seremban to provide employment-opportunity for the patients, improve patients’ quality of life and self-confidence and promote self-reliance through attaining life skills. While building capacity for the supported community, the project also combats mental health stigma and nurture empathy among the IMU community.

Year Started: 2016
Project Leader: Dr Shane Varman
Activities: Setting up fruit stall for sales of fruits within the campus.

Nutrition Education For IOM

Reaching out to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Office, this project seeks to identify and improve the nutritional knowledge and requirement to address the health concern of immigrants and refugees under this organisation. Assessments, education, and intervention via counselling were delivered based on the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adults.

Year Started: 2017
Project Leader: Dr Yang Wai Yew
Activities: Dietary assessment, anthropometric assessment and dietary counselling for picky eaters and those identified with anemia.

Road to Para Sukan 2022 – Nurturing High-Performance Para Athlete

In collaboration with Persatuan Renang Para Selangor (REPS), this project steps up to provide a conducive medical environment for para athletes, in effort to support their health and wellness preparedness in the Program Pelapis Atlet Para (Para Athlete Substitute Programme). The project also provides a platform for coaches to increase their sports science knowledge which would facilitate the prevention of injury among athletes, through the training-the-trainer model. The goal of this joint-effort is to increase the number of para swimmers eligible to compete in regional and national swimming competitions.

Year Started: 2020
Project Leader: Dr Rosdara Masayuni Binti Mohd Sani
Activities: Education on injury prevention and first aid knowledge, supports nutrition and hydration needs, supports mental health among the para athletes and provides continued coach education.


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