Health Screening & Awareness Campaign

Projects under Health Screening & Awareness Campaign

Mental Health Day Campaign

In conjunction with the annual World Mental Health Day (WMHD), the campaign is conducted, along with empowerment activities over a week at the Clinical Campus, Seremban. The awareness campaign serves as a platform to assess the impact of better mental health among staff, faculty & students of IMU Clinical Campus. With the goal of improving the understanding and acceptance of mental health issues among IMU fraternity, exhibition booth highlighting the WMHD theme for the year, online and live mental health talks, educational videos and mental health skill-training are conducted with the support of CareNS, an NGO of Negeri Sembilan.

Year Started: 2015
Project Leader: Prof Dr Phillip George
Activities: Exhibition booth based on the annual WMHD theme, online and live mental health promotion talks, educational video display and mental health skill-training.

Care Of The Orang Asli Elderly

The ‘Care of the Orang Asli Elderly’ project was first conceptualised to determine the strengths and the weaknesses of Orang Asli people belonging to the Temuan community in rendering continuing care to their elderly, and to identify the support needed by them in meeting the needs of their elderly to nationally acceptable standards during the next 10 years. This project is spread across the various Temuan villages in the state of Negeri Sembilan, and so far four villages have been interviewed.

The project encompasses maintaining or improving the functional status of the elderly Orang Asli, as well as promotion & disease prevention.

Year Started: 2016
Project Leader: Dr Chandramani Thuraisingham
Activities: Physical examination, general blood screening tests, remedial health promotion, and conduct survey on the care of the elderly in an Orang Asli settlement.

Breast Cancer Screening Awareness: Screen Earlier, Treatment Easier

The health awareness screening programme ‘Screen Earlier, Treatment Easier: Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer Awareness Screening’ is held yearly in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month on the 15th October at Seremban Prima. The event serves to empower and enlighten the general lay public by providing a platform for health education, and unique opportunity for free registration for Mammogram screening by SIHAT Malaysia and Pap smear screening by the LPPKN.

Year Started: 2015
Project Leader: Dr Kavitha Nagandla
Activities: Health education on early detection of breast cancer and self-breast examination, free mammogram screening registration service, health screening and providing a platform for breast cancer patients and survivors to join support groups.

Adolescent Sexual Health

With the support of Malaysian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, this project reaches out to the schoolchildren of SMK Senawang to promote mental health via screening programmes, education on mental health issues and providing emotional support to cater to the needs of adolescents.

Year Started: 2018
Project Leader: Prof Dr Kwa Siew Kim
Activities: Mental health screening on depression, anxiety and stress, education on recognition of signs and symptoms and where to seek for help for mental problems, focus group discussion on problems and needs of adolescents.

Health Screening and Awareness

This program aims to engage and serve the Seremban community through increasing cardiovascular health awareness and promote health screening among the community members. Research is conducted to determine the prevalence of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and Cerebrovascular disease (CVD) risk factors in Seremban as well as to identify the modifiable risk factors via health screening among residents of Seremban area. The community-engaged research would later serve as a guide in Identifying the appropriate preventive measures to uplift the health and wellbeing of the community served.

Year Started: 2018
Project Leader: A/P Datuk Dr Sethuraman Nagappan
Activities: Health screening to the aged residents ie. BP, weight, height, diet, dental/oral health status, health education and

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