Centre for Digital Health

April 4, 2022 Centre for Digital Health

Our Purpose

"Humanising technology to maximize health outcomes"

Our Vision

We collaborate, co-design and transform ideas into digital health and care innovations.

Our Mission

To be an innovation hub enabling development of novel healthtech solutions that solve the real needs of patients, providers, and populations.

Guiding Principles

Center for Digital Health
Innovation and discovery

We pursue research in the application of data science to healthcare across the entire continuum from the health of individuals, to that of populations, to the healthcare system itself.

  1. Collaborate
    We will collaborate with any institutions, company and individual (academic, non-academic, student, alumni) regardless of background and scale as long as it delivers value.

  2. Co-design
    All products and projects should be co-design and co-own between IMU and partners as much as possible.

  3. Transform Ideas
    We will guide, suppor and do whatever is necessary to transform a good ideas into viable solution.