Centre for Health Professions Education Research

June 2, 2017 Centre for Health Professions Education Research

The demand for quality and patient centred healthcare has resulted in increased interest in how health professionals are trained. Universities, professional bodies, patient groups and accreditation agencies value, amongst others, research into new and effective methods in the delivery and assessment of a curriculum, the students learning experience and faculty professional development. In the last couple of decades, health professions education (HPE) research has been gaining momentum within universities. This is evidenced by the setting up of education centres or teaching learning offices within health professional schools or the growing number of internationally recognised journals dedicated to HPE research. As a pioneer in private health professions education in Malaysia, IMU has the strategic advantage of expertise and track record of developing innovation in the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. IMU’s relationship with its international partner schools also makes it a unique model in the globalisation of health professions training. The Centre for HPE research will capitalize on IMUs educational strengths and create resource platforms for niche areas in HPE research. The centre will have contextual and educational expertise from the various schools in IMU (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Health Sciences) and will be part of the IMU Centre of Education (ICE). The centre welcomes national and international research collaborations and believes in the motto of ‘Together Learning’.

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