Mission & Objectives

June 2, 2017 Mission & Objectives


To be recognised as a leading private research institute in Asia that creates value through integrating education, healthcare and research.  


The primary aim of IRDI is to serve as a platform to support all research activities and to oversee all academic matters related to postgraduate as well as Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMedSc) programmes at IMU. The Institute will provide research directions, research management and oversight, consultancy and services to various stakeholders. The objectives of IRDI are as follows:

  • To explore funding opportunities.
  • To liaise with industrial partners for contract research.
  • To provide supporting services to researchers (e.g. statistical,editing services and advice of IP filling)
  • To coordinate the applications for both external and internal funding.
  • To coordinate the commercialisation of potential research products and services.
  • To coordinate corporate communication to publicise our research.
  • To coordinate postgraduate and BMedSc programmes through the School of Postgraduate Studies.