The Professional Education Advisory Committee (PEAC) of the IMU provides advice and guidance to the IMU on all matters that pertain to the education and training of students enrolled in the professional, undergraduate, postgraduate and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes.

PEAC Members

6 leading International and Malaysian educationalists make up the PEAC. They are:

About PEAC

It is usual for the PEAC to meet once a year. In keeping with the new norm, the meeting has been designed to take place virtually and face-to-face, over two days. Members have the options to join the session remotely, while participants from the IMU may choose to attend the meeting on-site or off-site.

The remit of the PEAC as a review body is to examine or assess formally each programme with the possibility of instituting change for improvement, if necessary. These changes can be instituted across the board, to create uniformity and minimise gaps to achieve the standards aspired to by the university.

The PEAC advises, mentors and guides IMU in many of its quality initiatives and processes.

Together with content experts in specific subject matters, the PEAC has helped IMU in many ways, particularly in its mission to be a leading private Asian health educator.