Student Exploratory Workshops provided participants with the opportunity to gain exposure and explore possible career opportunities in medicine and health sciences while experiencing the student life in an international medical university.

Watch these videos to see the fun and interactive activities ran in our past workshops and the experience of our participants.

Intro to Nutrition and Dietetics

Discover the Future

Explore the world of food and nutrition together and learn how to make delicious and healthy recipes at the recent Nutrition and Dietetics Workshop. Be amazed at how easy it is to make nutritious meals that are bursting with flavours. Unlock the secrets to healthy eating together at IMU!

Intro to Medicine

Embark on a Journey of Medical Discovery!

Immerse yourself in our captivating Intro to Medicine workshop. Listen to heart and lung sounds, master antenatal examinations, practice handwashing and intramuscular injections, engage in high-fidelity simulations, and learn essential Basic Life Support skills. Unveil the world of medicine like never before!

Intro to Medicine and Health Sciences

Unveil the Wonders of Medicine and Health Sciences!

Join us for an immersive journey into the realm of medicine and health sciences. From mastering heart and lung sounds to exploring antenatal examinations, handwashing techniques, and basic life support skills – experience the excitement of this transformative workshop. Get ready to ignite your passion for healthcare!

Intro to Dentistry

Dentistry Unleashed: Fun, Teeth, Thumbs!

Explore our Intro to Dentistry workshop: arranging plastic teeth, making plaster thumb castings. Interactive learning through games and friendly competition. Unlock Dentistry like never before!