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What is Chariofare?

Chariofare: Empowering tomorrow’s community

A compelling symbol of love, Chariofare 2023 aims to loan a helping hand to children with special needs, women of domestic abuse, and victims of mental ailments. Stunning colours of Malaysia’s beloved Jalur Gemilang emblazon Chariofare 2023’s logo with the many motifs adorned. Blue’s representation of our harmonious community, a nod to unity, and times that we emerged steadfast.Red & White’s embodiment of our community’s diversity, progress, and potential in times where resilience and determination shine through. Yellow’s dedication to culture and strength, and a striking passion for the culture and history of our community.



Reiterating the kindness, empathy, and compassion towards those who face adversity in their lives, these three hearts represent a hope for the world where all are valued and loved, regardless of their circumstances.