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What is Chariofare?

CHARIOFARE 2022: Voyage in Unity

For many, a boat by itself symbolises “Unity” but what we, CHARIOFARE 2022 require this year is a vehicle that not only incorporates the elements of a boat but as well as of a sail. Which is why we have chosen a Sailboat to represent our theme this year.

A sailboat perfectly encapsulates our idea of Unity with a drive for Exploration, to Love, and to Discover Our Purpose. The sense of exploration will serve as a driver for our growth and desire to make sense of the novel and uncertain circumstances that we have faced in the past 2 years. To Love Others and to search for a Purpose build upon the fundamental need to reach higher levels of integration in order to imprint a piece of ourselves onto the World.

The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt put a strain and discord in many of our lives today, especially those of the underprivileged and destitute. That is why with the physical comeback of CHARIOFARE 2022, we aim to bridge that gap of disconnect by opening up our sails in order to move in our most deeply valued direction, the three causes: women of domestic abuse and violence, mental health and children with special needs. Thus, as we open our sails, we hope to be a part of the connectedness and synergy felt throughout our community once more again. Together.

Our identified causes include:

  1. Children with Special Needs
    Following the COVID-19 crisis, children with special needs battle not only decline in their education, health but also a downgrade of social care services or, in some cases, withdrawn altogether. This is why in CHARIOFARE 2022, we aim to provide relieve some of the challenges faced by these families.
  2. Mental Health Wellness
    In the recent years, there is no doubt a clear demonstration that individuals are largely and emotionally burdened so much so that there is a 200% increase in local mental health cases. CHARIOFARE 2022 aims to rapidly identify, support and raise awareness on this exposed, anxiety-provoking topics related to this emergence of the health and socio-economic crisis aggravated by the pandemic.
  3. Women of Domestic Abuse and Violence
    This year CHARIOFARE 2022 aims to continue our advocacy and empowerment of women by providing them with the means necessary for a self-sustaining platform.