International Medical University (IMU) strives to be an engaged university as well as a learning organisation. As an engaged university we need to establish excellent working relationships within members of the IMU family, including alumni, with industry and with the community to whom we serve.

As a learning organisation, IMU and its community of staff, students and alumni will strive to share a common focus towards making meaningful contributions to the community in producing skilled, knowledgeable, caring and ethical health professionals who will serve the community at large. In the process, we will emphasize on life-long and team learning.

To achieve these objectives, an important mechanism that IMU has established is through the activities under the ‘IMU Cares’ programme. This will provide an effective channel for the direct involvement of staff, students and alumni.

What is IMU Cares?

Launched in October 2002, the IMU Cares Programme has grown into an important part of University life, providing means for students and staff to engage with the community beyond the University.

The Programme has become a key means for the University’s people to live its values: Reaching out to communities in service is a manifestation of these values, of ‘walking the talk.’

From small-scale fund-raising activity in 2002, IMU Cares has expanded to provide more than just financial assistance to the less privileged. The Programme now strives to deliver healthcare, to promote health and wellness, and to prevent disease. As we continue to screen and monitor for treatable conditions (eg dyslipidaemia, hypertension and diabetes), we have also started to provide dental and chiropractic screening. In addition, IMU Cares has begun providing more holistic care, including medication counselling and nutritional assessment. Cases requiring further treatment are referred to the IMU Healthcare clinics, and the Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund underwrites treatment costs.

IMU Cares has also looked into the education and training of caregivers, to enable and empower them to provide better care. From integration and application of knowledge and skills to inter-professional learning and collaborative practise, the Programme has become a platform for experiential learning. It enables students to learn leadership and teamwork, and to practice the values of professionalism and ethics while making a difference to communities.

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Vision of IMU Cares


To serve society through community involvement, integrating service, education and research for the development of our students and staff to be competent, ethical, caring and inquiring professionals who are leaders of the community.

Mission of IMU Cares

  • To serve society in an effective and impactful manner
  • To be a forum for IMU staff and students to practice professionalism and inter-professional learning through service and research
  • To engage and collaborate with caring organizations for the common good of society
  • To serve society, including marginalised and less privileged communities in promoting wellness, prevent disease and delivery of basic healthcare services

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Message from Our Team

Message from Vice-Chancellor, IMU

As “living the values” is an integral part of IMU, the University also place emphasis on active involvement in the community to inculcate a caring attitude among students and staff.

This is reflected in the robust camaraderie among students, staff and the community. It also enables students to translate knowledge gained in classrooms into health education to the public, enhance communication skills and strengthen their professional and technical skills in real world environments.

Prof Abdul Aziz Baba
Vice-Chancellor, IMU

Message from Associate Dean of Community Engagement, IMU

The Office of University Community Engagement (UCE) works to transform our aspirations to be a diverse and inclusive community into realities for our staff, students and for the communities that we live in. We are committed to making real and positive differences to the campus community as well as to the community at large by mutual recognition of needs and communal issues which involves a collaborative search for solutions

We focus on long-term sustainable changes and transformation which depend largely on the partnerships with units across the university and with organizations beyond the university. Emphasis is therefore placed on effective engagement through community-based participatory research approach, service learning and outreach services with focus on identified United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).

As such, we will continue to innovate in support of programmes, improve processes and practices which will help enrich the experience of all who are involved.

Moving ahead, we hope to consolidate our past experiences and invest greater resources and efforts to widen the scope of our engagement. We aim to promote and incentivize effective interdisciplinary engagement and research efforts that engage directly with communities, strengthen multi-stakeholder partnership collaborations with organizations and municipalities, participate actively in the creation of opportunities for global knowledge which will make IMU the pulse of the local community and lead regional transformation. Go IMU!

As the lead for the UCE, I look forward to opportunities to serve together and support the communities in ways that will empower this and future generations to continue to contribute meaningfully to society.

Prof Khoo Suan Phaik
Associate Dean of IMU Community Engagement

Our Activities

Serving the community is a manifestation of the University's core values but also as part of experiential learning, generally, a very effective form of learning - Walking the Talk.