1st Prize MacJannet Award 2013 (The Talloires Network)

Kampung Angkat Project (KAP) Village Adoption Project at Kampung Tekir, Malaysia.

The three IMU campuses adopted a village identified to have health and social issues and lacking in basic health facilities. The village identified for the IMU Clinical School in Seremban, was Kampung Tekir, which was a village comprising of 500, mainly of indigenous people, of the Tenum ethnic group, 50% of whom were under 12 years old.

The purpose of the program was to enable medical and nursing undergraduate students to practice their knowledge and clinical skills in a rural setting. At the same time, the villagers would benefit from the presence of IMU students through regular free health checks and health education, the treatment of minor ailments, facilitation of referrals to appropriate health centers outside of the village when necessary, provision of free spectacles for visually impaired villagers and an opportunity for students and villagers to bond.

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Aspire Award for Excellence in Student Engagement 2013 (Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE))

School of Medicine, IMU

The ASPIRE programme acknowledges the importance of teaching alongside research as a mission of the medical school. The programme was established to go beyond the traditional accreditation process and to recognise that the education programme in a medical school can be subject to peer review against an agreed set of standards or benchmarks that identify world-class excellence in education.

The medical students are provided a platform for community-based healthcare projects such as health screening, health awareness talks, health surveys and disaster relief works. Senior students in Semester 10 spend 6 months in Hospital Batu Pahat and Hospital Kluang as shadow housemen, working as part of the healthcare team in delivering care to patients in these two public hospitals.

At the university level, student engagement is primarily via the IMU Student Representative Council (SRC). Students’ ideas and issues are transmitted via the Council to various university departments, and university communications are also relayed via the Council to the general student population.

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Aspire Award for Excellence in Student Special Prize for International Youth Volunteer Award 2017 (Asia-Pacific University-Community Engagement Network (APUCEN))

IMU Chariofare

It serves as a “model” for other member institutions.

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Bronze CSR Leadership Award 2018 (The 10th Annual Global CSR Awards)

IMU, Malaysia

IMU was awarded for its IMU Cares programme, a corporate social responsibility measure by the institution to connect and engage with its staff, students, alumni as well as the community. The activities under this programme are developed to espouse this philosophy.

IMU Cares provides an effective channel for the direct involvement of staff, students and alumni to be involved in activities that inevitably create opportunities for inter-professional learning, teamwork as well as putting into practice the skills and knowledge acquired through formal classroom settings.

This encourage lifelong and team learning, and IMU’s community of staff, students and alumni are given the opportunities to serve the community at large beyond the University.

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2nd Prize MacJannet Award 2019 (The Talloires Network)

Caring Community Centre, IMU

Founded in 2016 by a group of doctors and nurses, this partnership with the Kapar community aims to improve family health and education by addressing issues of drug addiction, malnutrition, and poor hygiene. Faculty and students from several schools are involved including dentistry, psychology, and chiropractic. Students play major leadership roles by managing projects and teams, organizing workshops, designing interventions, and participating in medical teams.

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