Driving social change for a sustainable future

The pledges made by the University Community Engagement – good health and well-being, reduce in equality and quality education, as well as responsible consumption and production – are on track to be fulfilled.

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What We Do

IMU Community Engagement is the university’s platform that create partnerships and opportunities to integrate the learning and development of staff and students of IMU with the needs of the communities around them.

This platform allows them to develop and grow their professionalism, interdisciplinary learning, and leadership in engaging with all levels of society to drive social change for a sustainable future. We hope to develop our presence in communities around our campuses and be the Pulse of the Community, signifying a vibrant and active presence as we partner and collaborate with our communities for a healthy, sustainable, and green future.

Pulse of The Community

Our Projects

The university is committed to support the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals 2030, particularly in the following four goals which the university’s community engagement activities will primarily be aligned with. We believe that the university will be able to contribute most effectively to these areas, to create a sustainable and impactful transformation to the community we partner with, as well as the environment where we live in.



Walking the Talk