Rumah Charis Home for the Children


Rumah Charis is a welfare organisation registered with the Registrar of Society (ROS) of Malaysia in 1993. It was initially started as a home to serve the old and the needy, which later extended its services to the children with the establishment of the Home for the Children. For 20 years, Rumah Charis has been offering social services that include spiritual guidance, shelter, education and healthy community activities. There are 40 children (20 boys and 20 girls) and a few volunteers staying at the home. Most of the children are Chinese ethnicity and communicate through Mandarin. Most of the children are orphans, while some are from single parent families that are not able to look after them financially.


Activities conducted so far:



Target Audience

  • Underprivileged children at welfare home


IMU Cares Integration with MPU (U4) Module

Many student groups have been conducting community service projects at existing IMU Cares Community Partners as part of their MPU (U4) project. Find below the list of activities that students can undertake as part of their MPU (U4) project. Each student group may select one of the following:

  1. English Language Tuition
    Majority of the kids in this home are Mandarin speaking and problems in communicating in English. They also have school going children, who find hard to do their home works because of lack of understanding of the language. Our aim is to teach the kids English step wise from basic to moderate to advanced levels. This will help them to complete their homework more effectively as they can understand the language well.
  2. General Awareness Education
    Previously we had conducted training sessions to teach and train the kids on sexual abuse awareness and social awareness. This is of prime importance as these kids are orphans and do not know the importance of having such awareness. It becomes important as well because some of the female kids are fast approaching adolescence. We have plans to teach the kids on road safety and emergency response awareness.
  3. General Knowledge Education
    Activities will be planned to improve the general knowledge of the kids through educating them from basic things to stepwise enhancing their knowledge. Some of the idea to be implemented are what are the different vegetables and fruits, nature and weather, time zones, healthy nutrition, chemistry and common chemicals in nature etc. The progress will be recorded in their individual log books.

Project Details

If you are interested to know more or have any enquiries on this project, kindly drop an email to the project leader below.

Project Leader: Dr Subrat Kumar Bhattamisra
Community Partner: Rumah Charis Home for the Children


Serving the community is a manifestation of the University's core values but also as part of experiential learning, generally, a very effective form of learning - Walking the Talk.