Diabetes Education for Elderly Residents


Diabetes mellitus is a common medical condition among Malaysian elderly people. Uncontrolled diabetes will result in serious complications including retinopathy, renal failure, loss of limbs, etc. Within the IMU Cares projects, we have identified over 250 elderly individuals with diabetes mellitus. Many of them are functionally independent. These will be given more guidance on self-care practices to prevent them from developing medical complications as a result of their diabetes.

IMU Cares has recently initiated a project to improve self-care among diabetic elderly by providing them with proper education as well as self-monitoring of their disease condition. This will run concurrently with better diet and exercise. We engaged Dr Tan Ming Yeong, a nurse specialised in diabetic education, for her professional services for this healthcare and disease prevention project.

Dr Tan Ming Yeong has developed a diabetes education programme that spans over 6 months in duration, initially with the possibility of extending to one year. In PHASE 1, the education programme will train both the elderly residents and the caregivers.

It has three main stages:

  1. Initial assessment
  2. Educational sessions
  3. Outcome evaluation

PHASE 1 will focus on improving the knowledge and skills of diabetes care among the elderlies and the caregivers. The expected outcome is to have a significant improvement in diabetes condition (using clinical assessment, blood glucose level, and HbA1C).

In this phase, Dr Tan Ming Yeong focused on the following elderly homes:

  1. Rumah Charis Home for the Aged
  2. Rumah Victory Elderly Home
  3. Rumah Sejahtera Seri Setia
  4. Ti-Ratana Welfare Society

In PHASE 2, once there is evidence of positive outcome, this programme will be extended to other elderly homes supported by IMU Cares.


Diabetes Education for the Elderly

  • To see an improvement in the knowledge and skills of diabetes care among the caregivers in elderly homes
  • To improve diabetes self-care practices among functionally independent elderlies

Target Audience

  • Elderly residents with diabetes
  • Caregivers

Diabetes Education for the Elderly


Project Details

If you are interested to know more or have any enquiries on this project, kindly drop an email to the project leaders below.

Key Project: Diabetes Education for Elderly Residents
Project Leader: Dr Tan Ming Yeong
Email: TanMingYeong@imu.edu.my

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