SM Pendidikan Khas (Cacat Penglihatan) Setapak


The SM Pendidikan Khas (Cacat Penglihatan) Setapak is a government secondary school for the visually impaired. The school offers special education (government syllabus) in Form 1 to 5 with a total of 146 students. There is a hostel provided for students. About 60 percent of the children are partially blind, and 40 percent are totally blind. A few students have comorbidities such as diabetes and epilepsy under follow-up at HKL. The school has an eye clinic established by HUKM for screening and treatment.

The school has 51 teachers, who usually stay for an average of 2 years. These teachers are trained on how to interact with the visually impaired. However, they are not trained on how to deal with health-related issues.

The school has to manually translate many of the learning resources into tactile diagrams, and ensure that these resources are aligned with the national education syllabus. The process of creating the tactile diagrams are very time consuming and meticulous.

The school has equipment that assist the partially blind students in reading and learning. One of the device is a video magnifier that can magnify reading materials up to 50x on the screen. Another device is a portable braille writing machine. These machines are supplied from companies overseas and they break down often. Sending the machines for repairs costs the school a substantial amount of money, so the machines tend to be left inoperable.

The school principal stated the following needs:

Activities conducted so far:


SMPK Setapak Donating First Aid Kits

  • To improve the knowledge of the teachers on first aid and basic life support
  • To improve the oral health of the students
  • To improve the learning resources of the school

Target Audience

  • School children


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SMPK Setapak First Aid Training

Project Details

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Project Leader: Assoc Prof Muneer Gohar Babar

Serving the community is a manifestation of the University's core values but also as part of experiential learning, generally, a very effective form of learning - Walking the Talk.