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IMU Cares Office

IMU Cares is under the purview of two committees, the IMU Cares Steering Committee (ICSC) and the IMU Cares Working Committee (ICWC). The broad objective of the ICSC is to oversee the company’s (IMU Education Sdn. Bhd.) commitment to community engagement activities. Meanwhile, the objective of ICWC will be to drive community service projects for the University undertaken by both staff and students.

IMU Cares Steering Committee

  1. Prof Toh Chooi Gait
    Prof Toh Chooi Gait
    Pro Vice-Chancellor, Strategic Development & International (Chair)
  2. Prof Victor Lim
    Prof Victor Lim
    Pro-Vice Chancellor, Institutional Advancement
  3. Prof Ong Kok Hai
    Prof Ong Kok Hai
    Director, External Affairs
  4. Prof Nazimah Idris
    Prof Nazimah Idris
    Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs
  5. Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Zulkefeli bin Mat Jusoh
    Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Zulkefeli bin Mat Jusoh
    Dean, nominated by Dean’s Committee
  6. Prof Allan Pau
    Prof Allan Pau
    Professor, nominated by Senate
  7. Francis Wen
    Francis Wen
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  8. Erwin Khoo Jiayuan
    Dr Erwin Khoo
    President, IMU Alumni
  9. Mehra Ahsan
    Mehra Ahsan
    President, IMU Student Representative Council

IMU Cares Working Committee

  1. Prof Ong Kok Hai
    Prof Ong Kok Hai
    Director, External Affairs (Chairman)
  2. Assoc Prof Datuk Dr Soo Thian Lian
    Assoc Prof Datuk Dr Soo Thian Lian
    Clinical Campus Coordinator
  3. Dr Sushela Devi
    Dr Sushela Devi
    School of Medicine (Medical Sciences) Coordinator
  4. Dr Sobia Bilal
    Dr Sobia Bilal
    School of Dentistry Coordinator
  5. Dr-Liew-Yun-Khoon
    Dr Liew Yun Khoon
    School of Pharmacy Coordinator
  6. Dr Tan Seok Shin
    Dr Tan Seok Shin
    School of Health Sciences Coordinator
  7. Ms Kaeshaelya Thiruchelvam
    Kaeshaelya Thiruchelvam
    Elderly Group Coordinator
  8. Shamala Ramasamy
    Dr Shamala Ramasamy
    Children Group Coordinator
  9. Dr Chong Su Lin
    Dr Chong Su Lin
    IMU Healthcare Representative (CEO)
  10. Puan Arlini binti Alias
    Dr Arlini binti Alias
    MPU Program Director
  11. Ms Eileen Chew
    Eileen Chew
    Manager, IMU Corporate Communications
  12. Mr Saravanan Muthiah
    Saravanan Muthiah
    Manager, Student Services
  13. Nurin Jazlina binti Mohd Khairudin
    Nurin Jazlina binti Mohd Khairudin
    President, IMU Community Service Club
  14. Principal (Ng Kok Toh)
    Ng Kok Toh
    IMC Representative (Principal)

Serving the community is a manifestation of the University's core values but also as part of experiential learning, generally, a very effective form of learning - Walking the Talk.