Children’s Home

Projects under Children’s Home

Rumah Charis (Home for the Children)

Rumah Charis is a welfare organisation registered with the Registrar of Society (ROS) of Malaysia in 1993. It was initially started as a home to serve the old and the needy, which later extended its services to the children with the establishment of the Home for the Children.
Year Started: 2014
Project Leader: Dr Subrat Kumar Bhattamisra
Activities: Health education, promote healthy eating, games and physical activities with the children

Rumah Victory Children and Youth Home

Rumah Victory Children and Youth Home was founded in April 1998. The purpose of establishing the Rumah Victory Children and Youth Home is to provide a home for underprivileged children, including orphans, rebellious youth, and children from dysfunctional families and to transform these children’s lives through counselling, disciplines, proper education and character building. Currently, there are 28 male children in the home. Activities of IMU Cares with Rumah Victory began in 2015, where most of the activities organized were aimed at improving the children’s health and well-being, as well as providing them with an exposure to science.
Year Started: 2015
Project Leader: Dr Elaine Chan Wan Ling
Activities: Dengue Awareness Program, English Tuition Classes, Rumah Victory Bazaar and Fun Run (fundraising), Martial Arts Training, Science Activity – Crime Scene Investigation, Science in the Great Outdoors

Asrama Damai Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Kuang

Asrama Damai Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Kuang is an orphanage located in Kuang, 36 km from IMU Bukit Jalil Campus. This orphanage provides education as well as healthcare for unfortunate children.
Year Started: 2017
Project Leader: Prof Azizi Ayob
Activities: Dental screening and oral health education, medical screening and consultation, nutritional and dietary education

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