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Mobile Technologies to Support Workplace-Based Assessment for Entrustment Decisions

Date: 02 June 2023 (Friday)
Time: 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Plenary Mode: Hybrid

Plenary Venue: ICE Training Centre (2.09), Level 2, Bukit Jalil Campus
Plenary Platform: Zoom



  1. AP Dr Veena Singaram



The disruptions of the COVID-19 crisis have underlined the need for more digital tools to support educational continuity and assessment in clinical training environments.

Digital tools have the potential to create psychologically safe formative feedback cycles that remove the fear of failure and empower healthcare trainees to learn and improve faster. These tools may also mitigate the negative impact of power differentials and hierarchy in clinical training environments, which is essential to foster a constructive feedback culture that enables trainees to develop into self-regulated lifelong learners with a growth mindset. This presentation explores the use of mobile technology to optimise feedback and feedforward in workplace-based assessment for entrustment decisions.

The use of design thinking and transformative learning processes together with the challenges of developing mobile apps will also be discussed.