IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant

May 29, 2017 IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant

IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant

IMU aims to be a centre of excellence in learning and teaching. ICE is supporting the goal by providing consultation as well as funds for the selected project. The main goal of the IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant is to promote educational innovations in IMU, enhance education research profile of IMU and build the capacity of IMU staff in educational research . 

IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant for educational research is offered for research in the following areas:

  • Curriculum development and evaluation
  • Improvement in content delivery
  • Implementation of new theories or frameworks for teaching and learning in out-of-class experiences (including communities)
  • Development of novel teaching approaches and materials to support students with diverse needs
  • Challenging the status quo in teaching and learning to enhance the achievement learning outcomes or related competencies
  • Personalized learning
  • Innovative assessment strategies
  • Innovative Skills and Simulation Learning Environments

The total amount of the grant per year is RM 15 000.  Two grants of RM 7 500 will be awarded to the selected project each year. The grant can be used as the only or supplementary source of funding depending on the project's cost estimation.

Flyer: IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant 2023

IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant Flowchart

2023 IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant

  • Comparison of the Facility Index with the Examiners’ Estimation of item Difficulty and Cognitive Levels of Questions within Summative Examinations in a Preclinical Medical Curriculum.
    • Dr Sameera Anuruddha Gunawardena (School of Medicine)

  • Development of a Training Programme to Improve Food Portion Size Estimation Skills among Nutrition and Dietetics Undergraduate Students – A Multi-Centre Pilot Study.
    • Dr Yang Wai Yew (School of Health Science)

2022 IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant

  • Evaluation of Operating Theatre – Virtual Reality Experience (OT -VR) to enhance student clinical learning experience.
    • AP Dr Thiruselvi Subramaniam (School of Medicine)

  • Effectiveness of “RPD Design Consultant”, an innovative digital platform-based learning resource for Removable Partial Denture (RPD) teaching and learning.
    • Dr Nafij Bin Jamayet (School of Dentistry)

2021 IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant

  • Development and Validation of a Questionnaire for Pattern of Social Media Usage and Comparison of Social Media Usage Pattern Among Health care students. 
    • Dr Heethal Jaiprakash (School of Medicine)

2020 IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant

  • A “Think Aloud” learning resource: Can a cognitive task analysis-based instructional resource enhance treatment planning skills in restorative dentistry?
    • Dr. Rohit Kunnath Menon, Dr. Shekhar Bhatia, Dr. Shivani Kohli, Dr. Li Yin Ci, Dr. Ranjeet Bapat, Dr. Lew Pit Hui, Prof. Allan Pau, Prof Seow Liang Lin (School of Dentistry)
  • A Delphi study to identify entrustable professional activities to prepare final year dietetics students in IMU for entry level practice
    • Dr. Cheng Seong Ting, Prof. Dr. Winnie Chee, Ms Kanimolli Arasu, Ms Soh Pheh Huang  (School of Health Sciences)

2019 IMU-ICE Research Excellence Grant

  • Transfer of training and retention of learning with virtual reality: a mixed study
    • Ms May Goh Lay Khim, Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre
  • An innovative mobile application on antibiotics for pharmacology teaching and learning.
    • Dr. Heethal Jaiprakash, School of Medicine

Past Innovation grant project 

Perception towards Anatomy Teaching with Cadaver
Cho Min Naing & Mangala Kumara

Knowledge about the pandemic influenza A (H1N1) and willingness to accept vaccination: a cross-sectional survey
Naing, C. & Tan, R.Y.P. J Public Health (2011) 19: 511.

Evaluation of usefulness of reflective summary writing with a mind map to enhance the PBL learning process
Sneha Ravindranath, Warnakula Kusum De Abrew & Vishna Devi Nadarajah

Improving implementation of PBLs in Chiropractic program at International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Let’s start with “Restaurant type” PBL
Ni Ni Win, Vishna Devi Nadarajah, Daw Khin Win

PBL Facilitation Skills amongst Faculty at the International Medical University
Sushela Devi Somanath, Ammu Radhakrishnan, Gnanajothy Ponnudurai, Hla Yee Yee, Chen Yu Sui, Wai Phyo Win & Christein Ariaranee

Assessment of Professionalism in Problem-based Learning Sessions
Hla Yee Yee, Gnanajothy Ponnudurai, Wai Phyo Win, Daw Kim Win