Postgraduate in Health Professions Education

January 18, 2019 Postgraduate in Health Professions Education

Postgraduate in Health Professions Education (PGHPE)

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The healthcare industry is an essential cog in the wheels of the nation, fostering the general health of the population, and in the prevention and treatment of disease. Hence, it is important to employ the best teaching methodologies and educational strategies to train the trainers, who in turn, shape and mould competent healthcare professionals of the highest standards.

The IMU Postgraduate Programmes in Health Professions Education is a multi-exit programme that comprises of three levels; Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and Master. These programmes are designed especially for health professionals who work or interested in education.

The programme is comprehensive. Students develop an in-depth understanding of educational principles related to curriculum, instruction, competency assessment, programme evaluation, quality assessment, primary care education, clinical decision making and health-related humanities, professionalism and ethics, as well as management and leadership skills in the field.

At the Master level, the facilitator will guide the students as the students take the next step to become an educational researcher or innovator.

For more enquiries regarding Postgraduate in Health Professions Education, kindly email Dr Norul Hidayah Mamat @ Muhammad, Programme Director for Postgraduate Programmes in Health Professions Education

Kindly visit IMU PGHPE page for more information about the programme. 

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