Health Professions Education Journal Club

January 18, 2019 Health Professions Education Journal Club

Monthly HPE Journal Club’s aim is to bring together a community of health professions practitioner to reflect, share ideas and bring about positive change in IMU learning environment.

Unlike usual practice of journal club, the facilitator will provide assigned learning materials with pre-designed questions. The aim of this activity is to provide the opportunity for the participants to reflect on issues that are relevant to their roles as faculty or professional staff at IMU. The assigned reading materials are mainly used as perspectives or filters for our reflection, discussion and future actions. 

Faculty members who are interested to offer articles and facilitating a journal club session, please contact Siti Suriani from ICE. You also need to fill out the journal club session guide which requires information on goals, guiding questions, assigned reading materials etc. The sample for the Journal Club Session guide is as shown. Journal Club HPE Session proposal template: Sample

The participants for HPE Journal Club Session 1

Health Professions Education Journal Club
Journal Club Session  Facilitator  Date 
Supporting or Thwarting Learners Through the Lens of SDT Associate Professor Dr Bhavani Veasuvalingam 31 January 2023
The Importance of Remediation Program in Medical and Other Health Professions Education

Dr Huma Shahzad

Dr Mona Mohamed Ibrahim Abdalla

22 March 2023
Journal Club : Harnessing the Power of Cinema in Health Professions Education: Emotions, Engagement, Values AP Dr Pathiyil Ravi Shankar 25 May 2023
Journal Club - Inclusive Pedagogy and Assessment

Prof Nilesh Kumar Mitra

AP Dr Sow Chew Fei

21 June 2023
HP JC 5 : TBC    
HP JC 6 : TBC    
Journal Club Session  Facilitator  Date 
Race and Racism: What Strategies Can We Adopt to Address This Issue in Health Professions Education?  Prof Vishna Devi Nadarajah
Prof Er Hui Meng
Associate Prof Dr Pathiyil Ravi Shankar
24th January 2022
Humanism in Medical Education Dr Sunil Pazhayanur Venkateswaran
Associate Professor Dr Pathiyil Ravi Shankar
16th March 2022
Facilitating Interprofessional Education (IPE) Online

Associate Professor Dr Snigdha Misra

Associate Professor Dr Pathiyil Ravi Shankar
25th May 2022
Failure to Fail AP Dr Wong Pei Se 22nd September 2022


Journal Club Session



Medicine and medical education in the age of artificial intelligence

Associate Dr Pathiyil Ravi Shankar

30th July 2021

Addressing Imposter Phenomenon, Professional Identity, and Wellness in Creating Able Humane Professionals.

Associate Professor Dr Sarmishtha Ghosh

29th September 2021


Journal Club Session



Role of Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) in health professions education

Dr Sunil Pazhayanur Venkateswaran

 30th January 2019

Exploring Pattern Thinking in Health Professions Education.

Mr David Chong Weng Kwai

 25th February 2019

 Rigour in Educational Research

Mr David Chong Weng Kwai

25th March 2019

Assessment of Professionalism in Health Professions Education

Prof Madawa Nilupathi Chandratilake

8th May 2019

Constructive Alignment- What, Why and How!

A/P Dr Kang Yew Beng

31st July 2019

Integration of subject-discipline concepts in curriculum delivery

Dr Nilesh Kumar Mitra

28th August 2019


Journal Club Session



To change or not to change

Prof Vishna Devi Nadarajah

 24th July 2018

Rethinking Small Group Learning

Prof Vishna Devi Nadarajah

 15th August 2018

Open book assessments

Prof Er Hui Meng

 18th September 2018

Identification of “strugglers” and undertake remediation using educational theories

Assoc Prof Dr Sarmishtha Ghosh

 29th October 2018

What is your research paradigm?

Mr David Chong Weng Kwai

 19th December 2018