Introduction – About (HPE) Research

May 29, 2017 Introduction – About (HPE) Research

Health Professions Education Research

Our focus in health professions education (HPE) research is on teaching and learning in health professions programmes including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing. Research findings will contribute to better understanding of issues related to learning and teaching and the learning environment. Many of these have been presented in international conferences and published educational journals.

Focus Areas in IMU HPE Research

  • Learning: Inter-professional learning,  Total experience (learning styles).
  • CCCS (Constructive, Contextual, Collaborative and Self Directed Learning): Learning and teaching activities that perpetuate these principles.
  • Traditional and new functions: E-learning and Workplace Learning.
  • Assessments: portfolios, skills - based, personal professional development.
  • Teaching excellence and scholarship: Innovative training programmes, learner-centred teaching scholarship.
  • The “Less emphasised HPE research in literature”: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Dietetics and Nutrition.

Interested health professionals in these areas are invited to collaborate through research. Please contact Professor Vishna Devi via email

Current Health Professions Education Research

Title of Project Faculty

Identifying the gaps in mentoring skills and the training needs

Curriculum Database

Factors Contributing to Response Rates in Online Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Activities among Students in a Health Science University

Evaluating the Impact of Faculty Development Activities (FDA) on Faculties’ Professional Development

  • Prof Vishna Devi Nadarajah
  • Prof Ian Geoffrey Wilson
  • Siti Suriani Abd Razak

Exploring knowledge, skills and attitudes of students towards co-created micro-learning nuggets

Developing an evaluation protocol to assess the examinees’ performance in key concept-intense open-ended questions.

Students’ Perceptions of Collaborative Learning, Social Presence and Satisfaction in a Didactic Learning Environment among Entry Level and Advanced Level Learners of the Nutrition and Dietetics Programme.

Evaluation of eLearning Tool in Learning Process in Practical Session of Anatomy among Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic Students in IMU

  • Assoc Prof Dr Nilesh Kumar
  • Assoc Prof Dr Joachim Perera
  • Dr Htar Htar Aung
  • Ms Anupa Sivakumar
  • Dr Vijayalakshmi Sitanadhi Bhojaraja
  • Dr Anudeep Singh
  • Prof Vishna Devi Nadarajah

Appraisal of Clinical Communication Skills in Phase II IMU Students

Exploring the Barriers and Drivers of Flipped Classroom in a Big Classroom Setting

  • Dr Wong Pei Se
  • Dr Ho Ket Li
  • Dr Ng Sook Han
  • Dr Hazwanie Hashim
  • Dr Chia Chee Fen

Development and Evaluation of a Peer Observation of Teaching (PoT) Programme for Large Group and Small Group Learning Sessions in Undergraduate Health Professions Programmes

  • Prof Vishna Devi Nadarajah
  • Assoc Prof Dr Er Hui Meng
  • Norul Hidayah
  • Dr Wong Pei Se
  • Assoc Prof Dr Joachim Perera
  • Assoc Prof Dr Chen Yu Sui

Emergent data include beliefs about teaching. To what extent do pharmacy skills tutors use teaching approaches consistent with those espoused in the concept of cognitive apprenticeship

Measurement of orientation and correlates of IMU Medical, Dental and Pharmacy students and graduates toward lifelong learning

Decline in Professional Attributes in Medical Education: The Urge for New Concepts of Scoring Rubric at Workplace Utilizing 360-degree Feedback Assessment Model.

  • Prof Shahid Hassan
    (Principle researcher to start with is collaborating as co-researcher now since had to move to IMU from UniSZA. Principle researcher currently is Nik Ahmed Other researchers involved are from UniSZA, UPM, UniMAS, UM and USM)

Influence of assessment measures on students’ adopting different learning approaches at International Medical University Malaysia

  • Prof Shahid Hassan
  • A/Prof Dr Muneer Gohar Babar
  • Dr Pulikkotil Shaju Jacob
  • Lee Chun Hoe (Students researchers)
  • Teo Wei Wei (Students researchers)
  • Mable Hii Chin Long (Students researchers)

Metacognitive awareness and its relation to students’ academic achievement: Time to ponder implication of curriculum delivery

  • Prof Shahid Hassan
  • Dr Ismail Burud
  • Dr Sunil Pazhayanur Venkateswaran
  • Prof Vishna Devi Nadarajah

Using script concordance test (SCT) to evaluate the clinical reasoning skills of dental students

Effectiveness of a Two-phase International Approach to Teaching Nutrition Focused Physical Examination to dietitians and dietetics educators in Malaysia


Students’ self-assessment accuracy on core competencies in SOHS programmes

Evaluation of eLearning tool in learning process in practical session of anatomy among Chiropractic students of IMU (IMU-JC Approved)

  • A/Prof Nilesh Kumar 
  • A/Prof Joachim Perera
  • Dr Htar Htar Aung
  • Mangala Kumari
  • Anupa Sivakumar
  • Dr Anudeep Singh
  • Prof Vishna Devi Nadarajah
Journal Club as Community of Practice
Effectiveness of Team-Based Learning (TBL) as a teaching/learning method for medical students. (IMU-JC approved)
  • Dr Vijayalakshmi
  • A/P Joachim Perera
  • Dr Sunil Pazhayanur Venkateswaran
  • Dr Brinell Annette Caszo