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Online Peer Observation of Teaching Workshop (PoT) -SoHS

Date: 02-December-2021 (Thursday)
Time: 2:00pm -4:00pm
Training Platform: Zoom

• Dr. Wong Pei Se
• Dr. Norul Hidayah

Invited faculty

Workshop Description: -
The Peer Observation of Teaching (PoT) involves observers providing feedback to their peers on learning and teaching practice and is recognised as a means to improve the quality of the teaching and learning process in higher education. IMU adopted the practice to provide both the observee and observer with the opportunity to explore teaching practice and reflect on teaching methods. The process is meant to be developmental. This workshop aims to support faculty in the adoption of PoT especially the roles of observers.

Workshop Objective : -

1. To provide a supportive framework for the University's faculty to monitor, triangulate evidence, reflect upon and improve their teaching quality,

2. To enhance the quality of teaching by providing a useful framework for sharing of good teaching practice, and

3. To identify faculty development needs related to the delivery of teaching and learning activities.

Workshop Learning Outcome:-

This course will enable participants to:
1. Understand principles and processes of PoT
2. Understand the roles as observers in feedback-giving