October 4, 2018 Associate Prof Dr Chen Yu Sui

Chen Yu Sui

Associate Prof Dr Chen Yu Sui

PhD (Med), BSc (Hons)


Associate Dean of Student and International Affairs (SOM), IMU Joint Research and Ethics committee member

Areas of Expertise

Small group facilitation, IPE framework and implementation, Student mentoring/support, student professionalism, student selection

[email protected]

Orcid ID


Involvement in Conference/Symposium/Faculty Development Activities

  1. IMEC committee (2008-2019)
  2. Facilitator for Fundamental of Teaching and Learning Workshops
  3. Facilitator for Mentor Training Workshops 2014

Publications in Health Professions Education


1.      C Thuraisingham, P.Krishnappa, YS Chen. Implementing the IMU professionalism education framework in the MBBS programme. South-East Asian Journal of Medical Education 15:11, NBHN Ismail (2021) DOI: 10.4038/seajme.v15i0.303

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