October 4, 2018 Associate Professor Dr Wong Pei Se

Associate Professor Dr Wong Pei Se

PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences (Strathclyde), MSc Clinical Education (Edinburgh), Master in Clinical Pharmacy (Strathclyde), Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (Strathclyde)


Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning (Assessment)

Areas of Expertise
Teaching and Learning

[email protected]

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Involvement in Conference/Symposium/Faculty Development Activities

Facilitator for IMU Faculty Development Workshops

  1. Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning
  2. Setting higher order thinking questions
  3. Post-examination item analysis
  4. Open book assessments
  5. Peer Observation of Teaching
  6. Student Mentoring
  7. Small Group Learning
  8. Flipped Classroom

Other Activities

  1. Facilitator for Pre-Conference Workshop on “Peer Observation of Teaching: Providing a Safe and Supportive Environment for Faculty” at 15th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference (APMEC), National University of Singapore, 13 Jan 2022
  2. Speaker for Symposium “Faculty Development & Evaluation” at International Medical Education Conference, IMU (Virtual), 12 Mar 2021
  3. Facilitator for OSCE in Pharmacy Workshop for School of Pharmacy, Taylor’s University (2014 and 2015)

Achievement and Awards

  1. Awarded IMU E Learning award (2013) for “Online clinical preparedness course”
  2. Awarded IMU E Learning award (2014) for “Online preparedness course for dialysis placement”
  3. Awarded “E Learning Guru” (2014)
  4. University Excellence Innovation Grant for Online PBL (2015)

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