Centre for Cancer and Stem Cell Research

June 2, 2017 Centre for Cancer and Stem Cell Research


Advances in the prevention and treatment of cancer are the result of hard work, patience, ingenuity, careful planning, and significant investments of time and resources. Capitalising on these investments requires looking back at how far we have come and looking forward to identifying the areas in which we can do our best work. Cancer research in IMU has made, and continues to make, critical advances in the understanding of cancer. As part of the IMU Institute for Research, Development and Innovation (IRDI), the Centre for Cancer and Stem Cell (CCR) will conduct basic, translational, and clinical research — from fundamental research on the origins of cancer, to clinical trials that test promising discoveries, to development of novel therapies and prevention approaches to cancer. Our goal is to work in tandem with our academic and industry colleagues to share discoveries made here as broadly as possible.

By maintaining a clear focus on our purpose, we will build synergy around a seamless, integrated, and continuous discovery, development, and delivery process. Our research will be targeted to those areas of pursuit that show greatest promise. New development will promote the most compelling interventions based on evidence emerging from that discovery. The delivery of evidence-based interventions will be universal. What we learn in public health and medical practice will foster our understanding of the biology of cancer and make possible increasingly more effective interventions.

Strategic Plan


Expertise / Team

Centre Head

Prof Dr Chin Beek Yoke
Professor, Department of Applied Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology, School of Health Sciences


Bioinformatics Core Facility

Dr Nurul Hanis Binti Ramzi
Institute for Research, Development and Innovation




Graduate Research Assistant

  • Looi Chin King
  • Tan Yong Chiang
  • Ng Jia Hao
  • Yee Zong Yang