Centre for Bioactive Molecules and Drug Delivery

June 2, 2017 Centre for Bioactive Molecules and Drug Delivery

The Centre for Bioactive Molecules and Drug Delivery (BMDD) consists of experts from diverse disciplines. The main aim of BMDD is to facilitate and to support a continuum of research and development activities from discovery and characterisation of bioactive molecules to clinical trials. Opportunities for commercialisation will be supported by the Commecialisation and Business Development Unit. BMDD consists of pharmaceutical chemists, life scientists, pharmaceutical technologists, pharmacists and medical experts. The expertise in chemistry includes organic and inorganic chemistry as well as analytical and synthetic chemistry. These experts are capable of performing in silico drug design and discovery and to synthesise small lead molecules. Our pharmaceutical chemists and technologists are adept in innovative drug formulation, employing the latest techniques in nanotechnology. They are also experienced in designing drugs with improved and superior delivery capabilities. Our main goals include the consolidation of all bioactive molecules into an electronic database as well as to set up a library of compounds. The purpose of the database and library is to facilitate research collaboration with our partner universities as well as external institutions through sharing of resources and expertise.


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